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Hello!  Welcome to your one-stop audio visual rental house in San Antonio. Here, you will find a wide variety of equipment to rent. Feel free to pick and choose only what you need. Or, if you would like a full turnkey quote, just call our office at 210-647-7263 and we'll be happy to suggest the best gear for your event. Please mention if you are calling on behalf a non-profit to get an instant 10% discount on any rental. While most of our customers rent for their business, we also rent to the public and ship nationwide for events further than Austin, Houston and Dallas.  

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Mixer Rental  Sound System Rental DJ Equipment Rental Seminar Equipment  
LED Light Rental LED DANCE FLOOR Stage Lighting Wireless Mic Rental
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Pipe & Drape

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Need production equipment for your next seminar, conference or meeting? Do you want to LIVE STREAM your next event? You can host a variety of events when you hire our professional Audio Visual tech team. From a one-day meeting to a one week conference, you'll benefit with the latest in audio visual equipment and master technicians. See why so many local and national organizations request our services.  Call today for a free, no obligation quote.

audio visual production

Who else trusts JSP Entertainment?

American Express, Walmart, Google, Porsche, Microsoft, Citibank, Academy Sports & Outdoors, Kraft Foods, Lowes, NPR, National Tennis Association,  National Kidney Foundation, American Cancer Society, Monster Energy, & Hundreds More Local and Nationwide Organizations!

One Contact & One Contract For The Perfect Meeting, Seminar, Conference or Private Event. Get access to some of the best gear in the country to go with exceptional experience. Let us help you turn your next event into something extraordinary!

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LCD Projector Rentals  
projector-rental san antonio projector rental
(Best Projector Rental Rates in San Antonio!) Each projector comes in a hard sided case with protective foam, power cables, extensions cords and your choice of VGA, HDMI, or DVI cables.   We can also provide a MAC thunderbolt, USB-C or tablet display port adaptor for a small charge.
Daily ($) Weekend Rate is Friday Pickup & Monday Return
Viewsonic LCD Projector 2700-3200 Lumens (VGA Inputs only) Great for slideshows and small meetings! 125 150
Epson LCD Projector 3000 Lumens (HDMI & VGA Inputs) Ideal for Small Meeting Presentations 180 250
Hitachi LCD Projector 3200 Lumens (Pro Line Gear, Digital Zoom & More)  HDMI & VGA Inputs 200 300
Epson LCD Projector 4000 Lumens (HDMI, VGA, DVI Inputs) 300 400
Christie LCD Projector 7000 Lumens (Cinema Quality, 0.8 Short Throw Lens Now Available)  HDMI, VGA & DVI Inputs  500 600

Video Screen Rental
San Antonio Audio Visual Rentals
Four 6'x8' Rear Projection Screens Shown Above.  
Choose from a variety of standard tripod screens to Insta-Theatre Popups and Industry Standard Fast Fold (Stretch) Systems,

Larger Projection Screens come with a Velour Skirt for each screen.  Full Dress Kits extra.
(Perfect for Meetings, Seminars & Conference Gatherings of 100-1000 People)  

Daily ($) Weekend Rate is Friday Pickup & Monday Return

80" (6.5') Pop-Up Insta-Theatre Screens and Tripod Screens




Fast Fold Video Screens.   OPTIONAL: Complete Velour Dress Kit for Fastfold Screens Listed Above. Includes Dual Side Wings and Valance Drape with Extra Framing  150  200
6' x 8' Fast fold Screen (Front or Rear) 125 175
7.5' x 10' Fast fold Screen (Front or Rear) 175 250
9' x 12' Fast fold Screen (Front or Rear)


10.5' x 14' Fast Fold Screen (Front or Rear) 300 350
7' x 12' Fast Fold Screen (Dual Vision) 200  300

LED Video Wall Rental

3.9mm indoor & 5.9mm outdoor led video panels now available!  Two panels create one square meter of HD video display, can be setup both vertically for digital banners and are great for exhibit booths, annual meetings, conventions or even outdoor sporting events.  

Impress your delegates with images that can be seen clearly from the back of the room.  Enhance your meetings and conferences by upgrading from video projection, to led video displays!

Ever thought about hosting a gaming tournament?  Make it a reality with an expanded led display.  Here is a 10x23 with quad screen for Mario Cart.  Did we mention its the ultimate kid-sitter!



Turnkey Service 7'x12'

Just $2450

Turnkey Service 10x16'

Just $4900

LCD TV Rental


Your event can be complimented with satellite monitors with the capability to connect wirelessly in its own network.  Choose between 32"-70".  Perfect for use as a TV or Computer Monitor for Small Groups, or as a Marquis.   Mobile TV stand to support 32"-70" just $50.

Daily ($) Weekend
32" Flatscreen LCD Television/Computer Monitor w/Remote
(Perfect for use as a TV or Computer Monitor for Small Groups, or as a Marquis)
75 85

42" Flatscreen LCD Television/Computer Monitor w/Remote

50" Flatscreen LCD TV/ Computer Monitor w/ Remote





60" Flatscreen LCD TV/Monitor w/ Remote.

70" Flatscreen LCD TV/Monitor w/ Remote





LED Light Rental


Rent your led lighting with JSP Entertainment and we'll help you produce a light show that will amaze your audience!  Whether its for an annual gala, new year's eve or a six-month tour, you can create an intelligent light show with the latest in fixture technology.  Schedule a visit to our showroom or warehouse to begin the process of bringing your vision to life.

Daily ($) Weekend
Par 56 LED w/ stand bracket & power cable 20 25

Par 64 Battery Powered LED w/ stand bracket & remote control.  Includes 9x18watt 6-in-1 bulbs.  (RGBWA+UV)

battery led uplight rental

40 50

High-Powered LED Black-lights UV with remote control and floor stand. 20" 

High-Powered LED Black-lights UV with remote control and floor stand. 40" 

100 watt COB UV Canon w/ Floor/Mounting Yoke







Treats Your Guest To First-Class Ambiencewedding lighting rental in San Antonio

Mini-Color Strip LED w/ stand bracket & power cable

Ultra Bar 6 featuring Pixel control





Pipe & Drape Rental
Daily ($) Weekend
pipe and drape rental    
Choose between three styles:  Banjo, Cotton-Poly Premier and Velour.    
Velour Package Includes:  16'Hx10'W Velour Wall, Steel Base Plates, 9'-16' Telescoping Upright Poles, Fitted Steel Support and 6'-10' Cross-Bar Support.   Additional Sections Only $100 120 150
Banjo and Poly-Premier Drape Wall Package Includes:  8'x10' fixed uprights w/ base plates and 6'-10' crossbars.  Addtional Sections Only $60 80 100

Exhibit Booth Rental (per booth or 3 in-line)  Includes 3-sided walls, all hardware and you choice of three panel colors. 

100 125
Sound Mixer Rental (Analog and Digital) Daily ($) Weekend
Mackie 804 or Yamaha MG10 Mixer (3-4 XLR channels) 40 60
Mackie 1202 Mixer (4 XLR channels) 50 70
Mackie 1402 Mixer (6 XLR channels)   60 80
Mackie Pro FX12 Mixer (6 XLR channels) w/ Built in Graphic EQ & FX 70 90
Behringer X32 (32 XLR channels / 16 XLR Returns) w/ Digital Stage Snake 250 350

Portable Sound System Rental

compact sound system rental

  • 4 Channel 175 watt power mixer with aux in/out
  • Two 6" two-way monitors
  • One (1) Microphone
  • 20' microphone cable
  • Two 20' speaker cables and tripod stands
  • 6' Ipod Audio Cable






Two 8" 280 watt Powered Speakers w/ Stands, 8ch Mackie or Yamaha Mixer, Tripod Stands, 25' XLR Cables, One Microphone, One Aux Cable  Covers up to 100 people. 150 180
Two 10" 360 watt Powered Speakers w/ Stands, 12ch Mackie Mixer, Tripod Stands, 50' XLR Cables, Two Microphones, Boom Stands, One Aux Cable  Covers up to 200 people. 200 240
Two 15" 400 watt Powered Speakers w/ Stands, 14ch Mackie  Mixer, Tripod Stands, 25' XLR Cables, One Microphone, One Aux Cable  Covers up to 300 people. 250
db Technologies: WITH BLUETOOTH!
ES503 is the ultimate portable column speaker PA system thanks to a built in 3-channel digital mixer, stereo Bluetooth and a 12" subwoffer.  This is the perfect portable PA system for small meetings and presentations and provides a powerful 1000 watt plug-and-play solution for solo musicians.
$200  $250

Wireless Microphone Systems


Daily Rate Weekend Rate Friday Pickup Monday Return
Premium Shure ULX Wireless Hand-Held Microphone w/SM58 Capsule & Bodypack Combo Ideal for Meetings, Seminars and Conferences where recording might take place.  Includes Three Options (Lavalier Microphone, Countryman Headet or Active Headset).  Comes Rack-Mounted with Rack Drawers. Up to 5 systems per case.
80 100
Shure BLX Wireless Kit Ideal for Live Stage Performances.  Includes Bodypack with either a Headset, 1/4" Instrument Adaptor or Lavalier Mic.  Comes Rack-Mounted in Rolling Case with Power Conditioner & Rack Drawers.  Up to 7 systems per case. 60 70
Shure GLX Wireless Handheld Microphone w/ Beta 87 Capsule (rechargabe battery included)
Sennheiser Wireless Handheld or Lavalier Lapel System 60 70

Powered Speaker Rental

Daily ($) Weekend
Alto 8" 2-way 260 Watt Speaker w/Stand  40 60
Alto 10" 2-way 360 Watt Floor/Stage Monitor 60 70
Alto 15" 2-way 2000 Watt Speaker w/ Stand 75 85

dB Technologies 15" 1000 Watt Subwoofer Especially suited for small to mid-sized events, where high performance needs to be packaged into a compact size.

100 125
B52 Matrix Complete System (2 x 10" Monitors, 15" Subwoffer w/ Built in 700 Watt Amp, EQ & Xover) Includes 25' 14G Speaker Cables & Tripod Stands.  Built for Music Playback.


Daily ($) Weekend
Shure SM-58 Wired Hand-Held Vocal Microphone  20 25
Shure SM-57 Wired Hand-Held Instrument Microphone  15 20
Shure 6pc PG Drum Kit Package 50 60
EV 757 Hand-Held Dynamic Vocal Microphone 20 25
Sennheiser e835 / Boom Stand and up to 50' Mic Cable 30 35
Shure 12" Gooseneck 40 50
Shure MX418D/S Gooseneck  (Super Cardioid) 60 80
Shure MX418D/C Gooseneck  (Cardioid) 50 70
 Shure Beta 87a  30 40
Stanchions (Crowd Control Systems) Daily ($) Weekend
Polished Chrome Stanchion 20 25
Red/Black Velour Rope 6' 5 7
Red Velour Rope 8'    
 10-Pack Includes Ropes 200 300 
20-Pack Includes Ropes 400 500 
AV Breakout Room Package Daily Rate  
We've Successfully Handled Hundreds of Conferences Across the USA and in Four Countries, Always With Attention to Detail.    
(1) 12 Channel Audio Mixer     
(2) 10" Speakers w/Stands & 50' cables    
(2) Shure ULX Wireless Hand-Held Microphone w/SM58 Capsule & Bodypack Lavalier Combo    
(1) 3000 Lumens HD Projector w/ 80" Screen    
(1) Shure 18" Gooseneck Podium Microphone    
INCLUDES: Local Delivery, Setup & Pickup  Just $795  
Larger Conference Packages Tailored to Your Needs    

Video Camera Rental



Canon XA 10 Professional HD Video Camera Rental

Its ultra compact, lightweight, records internally as well as relay SD card (for instant backup).  Just amazing!  Call to check availability. 210-647-7263

  • Built in 64GB Hard Drive
  • Dual SD Card Memory Card Slots
  • Micro HDMI Output
  • 10x Optical Zoom Lens
  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Cinema Mode
  • Two XLR Inputs for External Microphones
  • Independent Gain Control
  • Infra-Red Night Vision
150 180


  • 1/2.33" CMOS Sensor
  • 4K Ultra HD 24/30p Recording at 150 Mbps
  • 4:2:2 1080p Video up to 60p at 50 Mbps
  • Dual SDHC/SDXC Memory Card Slots
  • Live UHD 4K Output via HDMI
  • 12x Optical Zoom Lens
  • Two-Position ND Filter
  • Nine User-Assignable Function Buttons
  • Two XLR Inputs for External Microphones
  • Independent Gain Control
200  250
 Fluid Head Professional Tripod 50 75
2-Way Radios for Event & Meeting Facilitator Communication    
Motorola Two-Way Radios w/ Ear Sets 25/radio 30
Audio Support    
Pioneer Headphones for Audio Monitoring 25 30
Direct Box (Stereo) 15 20
Direct Box (Mono) 10 15

Live Sound System Packages 


Call For Current Rates 



Pro DJ Rental Equipment

Wanna be the DJ for the night?   In 1999, we began as a DJ company and now rent and sell DJ Equipment for a variety of occasions. From a backyard birthday party to budget receptions, we have dj, lighting and video equipment rental equipment that'll suit you. Call San Antonio's most trusted source for great dj gear.


Whatever your event calls for, let us help you complete your entertainment with a full line of dj rental equipment. Sound systems, intelligent lights, wireless mics, projection systems and even HD videography are available to you.


  • Numark Mixdeck Pro (dual deck cd player with USB inputs)
  • B52 Matrix 1000 Sound System
  • (1) 4-In-1 Gig Bar
  • (1) Sennheiser e835 mic w/ 25' cable & boom stand
  • (1) 6' 1/8" - RCA stereo Ipod cables
  • Double up to a second 700 Watt System.......Just $99
  • Upgrade to a Sennheiser Wireless Mic......................Just $50

Optional Lighting & Special FX with DJ System Rental 

75 Watt LED Moving Beam.  

  (4 in 1) Gig Bar: 2 Multi-beam Color Spinners, 2 LED Pars, 4 Strobe lights & 1 Laser w/ 7' tripod stand

led dj light rental

Snow Machine (includes one gallon of fluid)
Haze machine (includes one gallon of fluid)
Micro Laser 3D
(4) 75 watt LED Moving Head Package: Includes 14-Ch DMX Controller
6'x10' LED Motion Drape with Support Frame
Stage Lighting Rental
Your event will be completely customized to your needs. Whether its for an annual fundraiser, a private concert (as below) or the company holiday party, count on JSP Entertainment to provide all the equipment you need to make your event the celebration of the year...Guaranteed!
sound and lighting rental

Full Service Light Production Including Trussing & Sound Reinforcement

San Antonio Rental Gear Reservation

LED Uplighting Rental
Uplighting Rental in San Antonio

Instantly Goes From Ordinary to Extraordinary!


prom uplighting rental
LED Dance Floor

When you're ready to take your event to the next level, consider adding our LED Dance Floor. Its the ONLY 1" light up dance floor in the world. And we are the exclusive distributor in Texas!  No other company in the state has it.  This is the ULTIMATE exclusive enhancement for your event. Call today to check availability.

Watch a video of this floor in action, see more photos and get pricing information here.

LED Dance Floor w/ Beveled Edge

San Antonio Rental Gear Reservation


Performance Stage Rental

8x12 stage rental

Versatile, portable and extremely strong - these stage panels made by Intelli-Stage have all the qualities you expect for a variety of uses.  Perfect for quick stage creations in a hotel meeting environment, trade shows to elevate display products, parking lot live music events and much more.  Customize the size of the stage you need in increments of 4'x4' sections.  The height can also be set as low as 8" up to 32".  Call today and ask about our stage rental packages.  From just $45 per 4'x4' panel.


4x4 stage rental


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